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  • peixe : avião "peso morto" new album

    We are happy announce the return of peixe : avião to the Rastilho Records family! The new album is called "peso morto" | "dead weight" and comes out February 12. The CD edition may be purchased at the Read More

  • Dead Combo "Vol. II - Quando a Alma não é Pequena" Pre Order

    "Vol II - Quando a Alma não é Pequena" is the second album of Dead Combo, originally published in 2006. To celebrate the tenth anniversaryt,it is with great pleasure that we announce the reissue in vinyl... Read More

  • Fandango - Pre Order

    Fandango is Luis Varatojo (Peste & Sida, A Naifa) and Gabriel Gomes (Sétima Legião, Madredeus). Rastilho Records is proud to release the debut album of Fandango on 4 September. Available in CD , 2LP + Digital... Read More

  • Peste & Sida 1987-1990

    It is with great pleasure that Rastilho Records announces the reissues of the first three albums of historical Peste & Sida in CD and VINYL formats:   - "Veneno" (1987) - Portem-se Bem (1989) -... Read More

  • Mata Ratos - Classic record reissues

    Mata Ratos, the legends of Portuguese Street-Punk, are back shortly with a new studio album. While we wait, it is time to reissue their old classics: 'Festa Tribal - Live" CD and "És um Homem ou És um Rato?" ("Are... Read More

  • Tó Trips "Guitarra Makaka" - new album

    "Guitarra Makaka: Danças A Um Deus Desconhecido" is the new Tó Trips album, available in vinyl format on 18.04.2015 This is an official Record Store Day release. Read More

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