About Us

Rastilho Records | Rastilho Metal Records is one of the historic Portuguese record labels . It´s Portugal's largest independent label with an extensive catalog of records. Formed in May 1999 by Pedro Vindeirinho and headquartered in Leiria , became one of the unavoidable and essential record labels of Portuguese music.
The first record released was "Walls of Shame " by Intervenzione, of a classic band of Portuguese Punk 90s . Musical quality , aesthetic care, affordable prices, new forms of distribution in the recording industry and culture Do-It -Yourself were some of the guidelines of this project . "Lasted to the present day , untouchable . I grew up with Punk , I never forgot my roots , what made me start this project," in the words of Rastilho Records founder.
In June 2010 , was born Rastilho Metal Records , a subsidiary/sister-label of Rastilho Records , dedicated exclusively to Metal | Hardcore releases.
With licensing agreements for vinyl editions with some major labels ( Universal , Sony, Valentim de Carvalho , NorteSul, etc ), Rastilho Records has become known in recent years for their vinyl editions of some of the biggest names in the Portuguese music . Although vinyl has never been to the label a fad , since 2006 - with the release of " Masquerade " Legendary Tigerman - Rastilho Records built the largest vinyl catalogue of Portuguese music .
Their releases can be found in major national chain stores , the best Portuguese independent stores, in some bookstores and concerts/festivals. Part of its catalog is also found on sale at various digital platforms .
The export of Portuguese music , international distribution of its artists has become a major priority in recent years . Has distribution agreements in some European countries but seeks every day new forms of distribution , new international partners to help them grow in a consolidated manner .
Currently , their universe consists of Rastilho.Com online store, Rastilho Records and Rastilho Metal Records ; and Mystore.Rastilho , dedicated to the production and sale of merchandising.

Above all, Rastilho Records is a family, a house where we like to be and/or back, where each band is treated with respect. Without these hundreds of wonderful musicians with whom we have the pleasure of working, our existence did not make sense.