A Jigsaw is a Portuguese band composed by two multi-instrumentalists: Jorri and João Rui, that the specialized press does not hesitate to put next to names like Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave or Tindersticks. Is it perhaps of the deep voice that echoes in the songs imbued with meaning. But it will be essentially due to the strong literary roots and the scenic environments with which his albums are constructed. "Letters From The Boatman", "Like The Wolf", "Drunken Sailors & Happy Pirates" and "No True Magic" are now their studio albuns. 
With such well-known guests as North American Carla Torgerson (The Walkabouts, Tindersticks) who delivers their voice in the "Black Jeweled Moon" duet of their latest album, Jigsaw has set their career to an enviable consistency. Guests from both Radio and Spanish National Television for concerts, the Jigsaw were also already featured twice in the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles as a project to follow. In 2014 the Jigsaw have created a support band for their concerts: The Great Moonshiners Band, which includes elements such as Victor Torpedo (The Parkinsons, Tiguana Bibles, Trio Boys), Tracy Vandal (Tiguana Bibles) Pedro Antunes (BunnyRanch), Paula Nozzari (The Parkinsons), Guilherme Pimenta (Pedro & los Lobos) and Maria Côrte (Fol & Ar). Jigsaw is an obligatory band, both in album and live. Unconquerable and essential.
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