Pioneers of the Industrial music genre in Portugal, Bizarra Locomotiva are now the main reference of its kind in the Portuguese music scene.
Since the self-titled debut album in 1993, the band has now 22 years of existence and released already 13 records - 8 studio albums and several compilations and singles, in wich a platinum CD. 
Bizarra locomotiva are a live band and always offer total commitment to their performances and their fans, having shared major stages alongside bands like Rammstein,The Young Gods, Korn, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Blur, Fields of The Nephilim, Moonspell, etc….
”Bestiário”, in 1998, is the paradigm album. Created with the concept "Man / Beast - Beast  / Man" - through wich recreates mythological figures metaphorically portraying the Man, the record reveals a broader musical scope, accepting new environments and sounds. The aesthetics assumes likewise increased importance: the lyrical and musical concept  transposed to the stage , in wich Rui Sidonio bursts from inside of a "cocoon" in the opening performances, symbolizing the birth of the Beast .  
2009 to 2014 were marked by the darkest album ever in the Portuguese Music history - "Album Negro".
Critically acclaimed album of the year in several stands, with a preface by internationally acclaimed Portuguese writer José Luís Peixoto, the " Album Negro " is the darker, heavier and denser of the long career of the band, relying on a very special guest - Fernando Ribeiro from Moonspell, assiduous longtime Bizarra Locomotiva´s passenger. With sold out shows Bizarra Locomotiva are already considered a cult band, always followed up by a dedicated self-proclaimed " Escumalha " legion of fans. 
”Mortuário” is the title of Bizarra Locomotiva´s new album for 2015. 
An album that debuts in the world musical history as the first industrial opera ever made. This is the main concept of the new release, with a particular live feeling through all the production of this record, capturing the essence of the band´s theatrical live performances into a studio album, using samples from its own audience as an integrant part on the composition of the new songs.
Lyrically the poems are all inspired by the state of the nation, global depression, religious manipulation, and how this new world order affects every single one of us leading into a massive pre industrial apocalyptic numb state of mind.
Mastered by Thomas Eberger (Rammstein/Amon Amarth…) at the Stockholm Mastering Studios, “Mortuário” has 14 tracks of pure Industrial Rock in wich the band achieved the impossible - composing a masterpiece even darker, denser and heavier than “Album Negro”. 
Includes a bizarre vertion of Peter Gabriel´s “Intruder” - the primordial industrial music reference ever made, and one of the band´s clear influences.
Line up :
Rui Sidonio - Vox
Miguel Fonseca - Guitars
Alpha - Machines
Rui Berton - Drums
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