CRISE TOTAL were formed in'83 in two Lisbon suburbs(Algueirao e Portela)they were pioneers of the Hardcore/punk('80's)movement in Portugal along with bands like Mata-Ratos/Ku de Judas/Cagalhoes/etc.they just had 25thaniversary&still going strong!
Formed in'83 out of members of CRISE(ex-SHOQUE)and HOLOCAUSTO then becoming CRISE TOTAL(Total Crisis),the 1st 4 years of existence were very fruitfull in terms of music&lyrics writing,loads of gig playing along with other portuguese acts like Mata-Ratos/Ku de Judas/Grito Final/Cagalhoes/Emilio e a Tribo do Rum/Caes a Morte e o desejo/Xutos&Pontapes/etc...In '84 P.Ampola left the band and P.J replaced him on bass...In early '86 when they were getting ready for a big tour and record the drummer left the country to canada in order to escape military service and the band was left stranded,Manolo soon left for Macao...In '87 they got a new singer/drummer(Tiago P./Rui Barata) but that same year Manolo came back and went back to his normal duties,after 5 years the band had evolved into a more post-punkish sound and decided to call it a day in '88...Profilaxia were born(but thats another story,in '95 with old drummer J.Felipe back,the band got together to record they're 1st album(altough without main driving force/singer Manolo)as he was on the run(obviously we're not gonna tell his life story)and they got a new singer and a new bassist(Xico/Libe-eternal fans of the band)and recorded "the crisis continues"(cd-Fast'n'Loud label),loads of gigs followed,Xico left the band and was replaced by another young friend and fan of the band and in '03 the cd"Involuntary suicide"was released by zerowrk recs...once again the singer because of personal problems had to leave and the banda called it a day again...In between '03 and '07 Rui Rocker(guitarist)became involved with a tribute band called Crise Quase Total(Almost Total Crisis)although it really is just a side-kick activity of one of the founder-members...Finally in '08 Manolo got back again with Rui Rocker and together with two new recruits(rattus/Johnny) they celebrated 25 years of CRISE TOTAL and since then the band has continued to gig every time its possible since Manolo lives in the U.K. these days,the begining of next year they are getting together to record a new album or maybe a split...ahhh,also when they had they're 25th aniversary a live cd was put out in form of celebration with some of the old recordings from the '80's...this is the short version bio and for now we know that that the crisis does continue,for how long we don't know but thats the way things are...(Manolo'09)
Line Up
Manolo - vocals
Rui Rocker - guitar
Joni - drums
Rattus - bass
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