From the center of Portugal, with Portugal in the center. This is the matrix of the Cross. Epic heavy metal where the heroic national memory resonates. At the beginning of this year, the Cruz de Ferro undertake a new attack with the EP “Leão dos Mares”, five new compositions that promise not to defraud those who have been with them in the last decade and to join a good number of new fighters.
The band from Torres Novas, district of Santarém, Portugal,  evokes important figures in the history of Portugal, some not always remembered for the remarkable achievements of centuries gone by. This is the case of Afonso de Albuquerque, the Leão dos Mares, who gives the name to this new campaign by the Ribatejo quartet. Governor of Portuguese India at the turn of the 15th century, the Great of Goa was so feared in the oceans as a diplomat of excellence. “Leão dos Mares” is anticipated by the theme that gives it its name in a video clip already available.

2012 | Guerreiros do Metal EP
2015 | Morreremos de Pé CD
2017 | Guerreiros do Metal CD
2018 | Imortal EP
2020 | Soldado Desconhecido EP
2020 | A Batalha de Torres Novas K7
2021 | Leão dos Mares EP
Ricardo Pombo | voz e guitarra
João Pereira | baixo
Riccardo Teixeira | guitarra
Bruno Guilherme | bateria
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