Devil in Me is a five-piece hardcore band that formed in Lisbon, Portugal, in early 2005. 
The band consists of Poli (vocals), Pedro (guitar, vocals), Matos (guitar),
João (bass, vocals) and Tiago (drums, vocals).
Devil in Me is an uprising name in the European hardcore scene, struggling to spread their positive energies all over the world.
In 5 years, these Portuguese guys have recorded 1 Demo, 2 full-lengths, a DVD and have just released their new album, “The End”.
Along this time, the band have been playing non-stop, taking their words all across Europe. Sharing tours and stages with names like: Sick Of It All, Pennywise, H2O, Boysetsfire, Strung Out, Strike Anywhere, No Turning Back, Satanic Surfers, Napalm Death, Shai Hulud, Diecast, 100Demons, Death Before Dishonor, Mad Caddies, Agnostic Front, Bulldoze…etc. 
A note to remind; the Canadian Tour made in September 2010, with Madball, Comeback Kid and A Wilhelm Scream.
With influences of Rag Men, No Warning and Ramallah, Devil In Me created an original mix of sounds that, seamlessly combine anthemic punk rock sing-alongs with break-neck hardcore songs, all brimming with a passion rarely achieved. 
This “mixture” was particularly well received by the mainstream critics, and gave the band a deal for the release of their second album with I Scream Records. 
But it were the kids, and the band’s semper fi hardcore hymns, that led them to reach the 17th place for the best Portuguese records of 2007 with “Brothers in Arms”, by the music magazine Blitz.
The album's self titled single, and first video, reached the 9th position on MTV's Portugal Hit List, among names like Coldplay, Christina Aguilera or Eminem. Something never achieved by a Portuguese hardcore band.
The same video featured for 8 consecutive weeks in the first place, by viewer’s choice of Sic Radical's (TV Station) Max Musica show.
In early 2011 they plan to conquer Europe and spread all over the cataclismic words from their last album, once again together with some of the biggest names in the scene. Be prepared and bring a lot of energy.
Line up
Pedro - guitar
Matos - guitar
Poli - vocals
Carlos - drums
Johnatan - bass
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