Our story does not start in 2010 but this was the year for our first album: Empty Space. When we first got together we only had music connecting our interests, hopes and dreams. Happily it got better. Much better. 
The word «utter», meaning “total, complete, infinite and extreme”, embodies our aspiration to deliver an incomparable music experience.
When playing, we try to carry people to an imaginary and unique environment. It all ends up to be a very nice and emotional approach.
At some point we felt that our music had a big connection with the ocean. Just like a deep vibration of particles. Water particles. And so, we decided to name our next album "I like playing for whales". 
The deep became very personal and overwhelming for us.
A nice place for the soul to be.
Line up
Giliano - Guitar/Bass/Synth
João - Vocals/Synth/Piano/Guitar
Pedro - Drums
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