Doa a quem doer

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"Doa a quem doer" is the second album of portuguese Punk-Rocker Viralata. 13 tracks that refines the formula already used in the band's first album "Vai Buscar": eared choruses, sing-a-long; the intersection of the best old school punk rock sung in Portuguese with American influences of the band: Bad Religion, Nofx and Rise Against. 

Release in a beautiful digipack, with illustrations by Nuno Duarte, photos by Rita Carmo and artwork by Filipe Brito. "Doa a quem doer" was recorded, mixed and produced by Miguel "Vegeta" Marques and mastered by Miguel Carvalho. 

"Doa a quem doer" is described by Zé Pedro from seminal portuguese Rock band Xutos & Pontapés:

"Viralata are a great band that moves in the Punk Rock area with a huge claw. Should be heard without prejudice, for those who like to rock with very strong guitars and lyrics to match,  in Portuguese."

1) Assalto
2) Estamos Juntos
3) Doa a quem doer
4) Deserto
5) Não há tachos
6) Buraco
7) Fracasso
8) Não quero morrer
9) Burguês
10) E vai um copo
11) Maria Joana
12) Dias melhores
13) Primeira vez
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