Ecos da Selva Urbana

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Heavy, straightforward and always tearing! The RASGO are the biggest surprise of the Portuguese alternative scene in 2017!
They appeared in the Portuguese scene in meteoric form. The reason for such a statement is simple: although the band is recent, RASGO are anything but beginners and count in their ranks with experienced and experienced musicians!
RASGO are.
- Pedro Ataíde (Sarrufo) - ex-Trinta e Um/ex-Pé de Cabra
- Rui Costa (Ruka) - Tara Perdida
- Ricardo Rações - ex-Trinta e Um / ex-Sacred Sin
- Filipe Sousa - ex-Shadowsphere / ex-WitchBreed
- Paulo Gonçalves - ex-Shadowsphere / ex-Formaldehyde / Ignite the Black Sun
"Ecos da Selva Urbana" is a Thrash-Metal / Crossover demolisher album, totally sung in Portuguese, in which RASGO have a well-defined identity.
Such a feat on a debut album can only be explained by the great experience of the musicians who are part of the line-up of the band and that has been worth the status of super group a little everywhere.
The edition is in CD Digipack with cover of Bruno Gonzalez and artwork of Samuel Lucas. It was recorded at Covil Studios by Pedro Ataíde. Includes a fantastic version of a classic Mão Morta song.

Tracklist, CD
01. Ecos da Selva Urbana
02. Homens ao Mar
03. Propaganda Suicida
04. Faca Romba
05. Vulgo Vulto
06. O Líder
07. Ergue a Foice
08. A Besta
09. Existe
10. Cão da Morte (Mão Morta)
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