Thoughts (CD)

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Band: RAMP
"In 1992, RAMP surprised with their honest and dedicated dose of thrash metal, inspired mainly by American current movement emerged in the 80´s. Appeared almost out of nowhere, showing great skill and ability, eventually captivate a firm base of followers. with all the power, they transformed the the popular song "Try Again" (from Spermbirds) a RAMP classic!
"Thoughts" was released as EP vinyl format, with six tracks, via Universal / Polygram in 1992.
This is one of the biggest classics of portuguese Metal scene.
The 9 songs  were remastered by Rui Dias at Studio Mister Master - from the original tapes. The artwork was created by João Diogo Pereira (Mata-Ratos, Bizarra Locomotiva, Moonspell & many more).
The booklet includes lyrics and is illustrated with photos from the personal archive of RAMP,  Cameraman Metálico and João Moura.

Tracklist, CD
1. The Comedians
2. Desillusions
3. March To Death
4. Thoughts
5. The Last Child
6. Try Again
7. In The Beginning
8. Out Of This World
9. Behind The Wall
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