Thrash Killing Machine

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25 Years of Thrash Metal!

Available as:
- Limited Edition 300 copies Cloudy Blue LP (Mastered for Vinyl)
- 50 Cassete Blue 
- 50 Cassete Gold

In the words of guitarist Álvaro Fernandes:

“After two very well received demos in the underground during the 90s and a remodeling of the line-up around the year 2000, Pitch Black began to work seriously on what would become the band's first album. We entered the studio in 2003 to record “Thrash Killing Machine” and after an incessant search for a record label finally sees the light of day in March 2005. Of everything we did in 25 years of band, if I had to mention one crucial moment in Pitch Black's career, I would inevitably choose March 18th 2005, the day when our first studio album is officially released.
The reason is simple: it took the band's name to another level - which until then had not been reached - which was, without a doubt, one of our main goals. The concerts were immense, from practically all Metal festivals at the time to the smallest places in our undergroud. We filled houses night after night, from the north to the south of the country, we gathered a vast number of fans and supporters who followed us and gave us all the strength and support, we were on several lists of the best albums of 2005, including the magazine's TOP readers Loud !, the reviews were almost unanimous both in Portugal and abroad and the CD achieved very considerable sales. All thanks to the musicians who recorded this work and those who also toured all the stages with me side by side.
This vinyl and cassette editions of what is probably the most important milestone in our career, has long been expected by us. And here Rastilho plays a very important role, if the label were not the main driving force behind this project that we present to you. And I say this, mainly, because a vinyl edition had already been planned in 2006 that was never consummated. So here it is, in a properly mastered version for the vinyl format, in a limited edition of 300 units. On behalf of Pitch Black, I sincerely hope it will please everyone! ”

Tracklist LP | Cassete
A1. Disturbing The Peace
A2. Break Point 2:40
A3. Beheaded 2:37
A4. Divine Not Human 2:28
A5. Lost In Words 3:16
B1. Standards Of Perfection
B2. SuffocHate
B3. Pitch Black
B4. New Life... 3:06
B5.  ...New Breed
"(…) first-rate crunching guitar riffing, pounding drums, bulldozer bass lines and muscular vocals." 
Lords of Metal zine (Netherlands) 
"(…) in 10 years from now this album will be amongst the greatest thrash metal underground releases of the decade."
Thrash Never Dies (Norway)
"(…) a pumping Thrash holocaust"
The Metal Temple (Greece)
"Highly recommended!" 
Whiplash (Brazil) 
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