Good Enough For Someone Else

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Release in 2003 through Canadian label Freedumb, this is the portuguese edition of Aside debut 'Good Enough For Someone Else'.'Good Enough For Someone Else' is just one of those albums that in the end, is simplygood enough for everyone else. It has enough personality and flair to satisfy the most demanding people, and it doesn’t go outside of the boundaries of its genre to alienate or repel people either! A kickass album if there ever was one. I guess people that like bands like Millencolin, Bodyjar, Starmarket, Samiam or the likes will really dig Aside!
1. Winter Wave
2. Capsule v.21
3. Lights Don't Flash Twice
4. Small Is Beautiful Too
5. Espionage 005
6. Empty Bridge
7. Detachable Wings
8. Platonic Tenderness
9. Remote Sensor
10. A Wednesday In April
11. Five Horsemen From Hell (Hidden Track)
Video Espionage 005
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