Lisboa Depois de Morta

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Item #: AMR-XLVI
- CD Digipack
- Black LP (Limited)

In 2000, the unexpected appearance of a band with a unique blend of melodic melancholy, heavy sound and traditional Portuguese instruments took the Portuguese scene by storm. 
The first version of celebrated Thragedium's debut album Theatrum XXIII was released, firstly only in demo format.
The album was officially released in the following year (2001) by Half Beast Records in digipack version, including the bonus track "O Espírito do Tejo" with the participation of Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell). 
The band presented a collection of meticulously crafted compositions that showcased their intricate originality and uncommon sonic beauty, cementing their place as one of the most promising acts in the underground scene.
In the aftermath of "Theatrum XXIII", Thragedium embarked on a period of intense creativity, honing their craft through rigorous rehearsals, captivating live performances, and the creation of their second recording, Twelve Feet Under. Although this recording never saw an official release, it remains a rare collector's item for dedicated fans.
Throughout 2001 and 2002, Thragedium's mythical live performances led the band to share the stage with esteemed acts such as Lacrimosa, Faith and the Muse, and Garden of Delight. In 2003, the band decided to conclude their activities, shortly after the release of Isolationist, the band’s third recording which was made available exclusively online through their website.
Lisboa Depois de Morta
Now, after two decades, Thragedium returns, poised to honor the legacy of "Theatrum XXIII" and reclaim their position as one of Portugal's most unique musical entities. Alma Mater Records is the perfect fit.

Lisboa Depois de Morta represents a remarkable leap forward in maturity, and boldness, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of their sound like never before.
At the helm will be four founding members:
João Paulo Farinha– Electric & acoustic guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion
Nuno Cruz- Vocals
José Bonito- Bass, vocals
César Feiteira – Drums
In this new release, the extensive use of Portuguese traditional instruments, specially the haunting Portuguese Guitar, traditional percussion and evocative choirs, can be heard throughout, all while maintaining their indelible trait of originality.
Ensuring this record has all the ingredients to make it another cult item,Thragedium enlisted the mastering expertise of Jaime Gomez Arellano (Moonspell, Paradise Lost, Ghost, Ulver). Additionally, Hugo Ribeiro (Moonspell) lent his brilliant drumming skills to the album, while Pedro Oliveira (Sétima Legião) graced the band with his vocal talent on Um Mal Necessário. 
Completing the team, the cover artwork design was entrusted to the renowned Travis Smith (Slayer, Megadeth, Opeth, Katatonia).
Tracklist LP
A1. Desagregação
A2. Lucefécit 
A3. The adorer
A4. O pacto
A5. Terra mãe
B1. Nations fall
B2. Pretérito imperfeito
B3. Um mal necessário
B4. Lisboa depois de morta
Tracklist CD
01. Desagregação
02. Lucefécit 
03. The adorer
04. O pacto
05. Terra mãe
06. Nations fall
07. Pretérito imperfeito
08. Um mal necessário
09. Trimarkisia
10. Lisboa depois de morta
11. The old oak and the mandrake root
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