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"Sobrenatural" is the 5th album of portuguese Rock band GAZUA. 11 Rock themes sung in Portuguese, recorded in WRecords Studio (Setúbal), produced by António Corte-Real (UHF) and Wilson Silva (More Than a Thousand).
Beautiful CD Digipack edition with illustrations by Adriana Pardal  and design by João Corrosão. Contains an A2 poster inside with all lyrics. "Sobrenatural" is liable to be one of the great albums of 2015 Portuguese music! In the words of journalist Nuno Calado:

"GAZUA (LOCKPICK) is the term used to refer to a tool any whose task is to operate locks and padlocks. As a tool usually employed in the practice of the crime of theft, their manufacture, transfer and sale are prohibited in some countries, and their possession punished with simple imprisonment from 6 months to 2 years (and fine)!
Somehow this is how GAZUA position themselves with their raw sound and sharp words of social alert, a kind of intellectual assault to those who walk too busy living their daily lives and do not stop to peek at a few minutes what the rest of the people live socially.
With an audience already faithful within the Portuguese underground punk movement, GAZUA has not stopped breathing and has produced records one after another. With "Sobrenatural" (the 5th disc of the band) there is something that strikes the ear from the outset: the substantial improvement of production and the way the disc has "body" in general. There is curious that at a time when Portugal is politically a huge source of inspiration for those who always wanted to be socially aware and that there is here a kind of a counter! "Sobrenatural" turns out to be the least political album discography of the band led by João Morais (Corrosão Caótica and Carbon H).
The life of GAZUA is tattooed instability in their training. The first time you come to the studio with a stable training results do be noted the positive and the careful production of Antonio Corte-Real (UHF and Revolta) has an important role.
"Sobrenatural" is no longer one more record in the lives of GAZUA, is rather the record that GAZUA have long deserved!" Nuno Calado

CD, Tracklist
1. Sinfonia
2. Envolve-me
3. Sobrenatural
4. Montanha
5. Tempestade
6. Sangue bravo
7. O Muro
8. Mais depressa
9. A unha e a carne
10. Oiço vozes
11. Grito
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