Vinyl Card

The Vinyl Card is a card for premium customers of Rastilho Records. For those who want to have a special, personalized and differentiated treatment. It is free and is available to any registered clients of our website. Please note that some of these benefits are more for customers resident in Portugal. However, we are keen to extend this offer also to all our international customers.
What is Vinyl Card?
It is a virtual card dedicated to customers who regularly buy our editions in Vinyl format. Only works for vinyl orders, exclusively recorded in the Rastilho Records website.
How it works?
Registration is mandatory to carry on our site shopping. When you create a new user account, you can subscribe / join "Vinyl Card". Simple. Without complications. Without wishing to know more about you than what you want to say! Each client gets a personalized e-card and non-transferable.

What is the password?
Exactly the same as your registration / log in the site Rastilho Records.

It is mandatory a minimum order? 
No, actually there is no minimum order required for Vinyl Card. However, only by making a purchase the Vinyl Card is active, thereby benefiting the customer all the advantages.
What benefits have to adhere to Vinyl Card?
Some good reasons for joining the Vinyl Card exclusive club, even if you only occasionally buy vinyl records.
Discount 10%
- 10% discount (not including shipping) to all customers (registered) who pre-order a Vinyl record, up to 24 hours prior to the date of its release
Priority shipping
- Sending parcels up to 3 days prior to the official release date . i.e., adherents of Vinyl Card will receive their orders before all others, if they do the pre-order up to 8 days before ofical release date.
Personalized treatment
- You'll be the first to know (via email) of our special offers, promotions and discount vouchers.
Priority access to special Vinyl releases
- A Vinyl Card customer is always priority in buying the special editions and ultra-limited  Vinyl editions of Rastilho Records.
 These are the main reasons to join the Vinyl Card at the time of registration of your new user account. This is a pioneering service in Portugal, unprecedented level of record labels. We want to share the love we have for Vinyl records with you and we think this is the best way to say "Thank You" to those who follow us for so many years.
Got any suggestions for improving this service? Suggest other offers and benefits? Do not hesitate to dares your feedback via e-mail.