During the years, 5 music contests were won (the last one being an exclusive Metal contest sponsored by Jackson Guitars) and shared the stage on several major festivals and special events in Portugal with bands like The Haunted, Hatesphere, Mastodon, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Mortician, Grave, Enthroned, Katatonia, Finntroll, Extreme Noise Terror, Tankard, Incantation, Varukers, Napalm Death, Onslaught, Textures, Benediction, Moonspell, Melechesh, Belphegor, Aborted, Watain, Dew-Scented, Destroyer 666, Avulsed, Impaled Nazarene, Obituary, Blind Guardian, Sepultura, Pestilence, Angra, Contradiction, Desecration, Legion of the Damned, Sinister, Nervecell among others.
Some of the highlights in the band’s career also include an official award won for the best 1998 Portuguese Metal demo-tape, many appearances on several compilations (CD, tape and digital formats), a cover song of Portuguese Heavy Metal Pioneers Tarantula featured on a tribute CD and several tours were made in Portugal over all these years.
First full-length CD named “Thrash Killing Machine” is released on 18th March 2005 by Portuguese label Recital Recs. It gets the reader’s choice award on Loud! magazine (PT) for best 2005 album, band of the year on Thrash Never Dies (Nor) website and hits the top 10 best albums on Hard N’ Heavy (PT) website.
Between October 2006 and February 2007, Pitch Black records the second full-length titled “Hate Division” featuring Hugo Andrade (from Switchtense) as guest vocals, after some line-up changes occurred. CD mastered at Hansen Studios (Denmark) by Jacob Hansen (Destruction, Pestilence, Aborted, Hatesphere, Paradox).
New album “Hate Division” is released on April the 3rd 2009, once again via Recital Recs. After the intense live schedule both before and after the release of the album and all the promotion done, once again, major line-up changes take place and the band is forced to step back for a long period. This happened in 2010.
Meanwhile, it was time to work on one of our own side projects (like Dementia 13) while things settled down and everything was ready to proceed FULL POWER again, through the depths of the Underground Metal scene, awaiting for a comeback after so many time. Since 2017 that we are finally working harder on putting some new songs out there! Brand new stuff will be available sooner or later, that’s a promise. Hold on tight, things will begin to roll!
Pitch Black [2018]

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