Doctrine of Misanthropy

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2021 album from Portuguese freaks of Thrash Metal Prayers of Sanity!
Power trio from hell! Recommended if you like Toxic Holocaust, Overkill and Exodus!
Prayers of Sanity were formed in Lagos (Portugal) by Carlos (bass), André (guitar) and Tião (drums/vox), with the purpose of reminding everyone that 80’s thrash metal was still alive and kicking!
Despite of listening to other types and styles of music, Thrash Metal became, with no doubt, the main influence of these Portuguese Thrashers.
After 30 years of the birth of the genre, Prayers of Sanity makes from Thrash Metal a daily meal and still giving a modern touch of heavy energy, beer and party. Prayers of Sanity are not “just another Thrash Metal band”.

“Doctrine of Misanthropy” is the new (2021) album, available as CD and LP. Don´t expect less than a powerful and slashing Thrash Metal record!

Tracklist LP | CD
1. Doctrine of Misanthopy
2. Sons of Royal Blood
3. Hide your hate
4. Abomination
5. V
6. We are built for suffer
7. Path of sin
8. Destination: Hell
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