A Wraygunn Double Joint: Eclesiastes 1.11 | Shangri-La

Descrição do Álbum

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Referência: Rastilho026
First press: May´2008 - Sold out
2LP - Two albuns on a Gatefold 2LP Vinyl Sleeve
Eclesiastes 1.11
A1 Soul City
A2 Drunk Or Stoned
A3 Keep On Prayin'
A4 Juice
A5 Don't You Know
A6 Im Your Lover Man
B1 Hip
B2 How Long, How Long?
B3 There But For The Grace Of God Go I
B4 Sometimes I Miss You
B5 She's A Speed Freak
B6 All Night Long
A1 Ain't It Nice
A2 Love Is My New Drug
A3 She's A Go-Go Dancer
A4 Love Letters From A Motherfucka
A5 Everything's Is Gonna Be Ok
A6 Hoola-Hoop Woman
A7 Rusty Ways
B1 Just A Gambling Man
B2 Lady Luck
B3 Work Me Out
B4 Silver Bullets
B5 Boom-Boom Ah-Ah
B6 No More, My Lord
Recorded at MB Studios - October 2003 | MasterMix Studios - December 2003 
Produced and Mixed by Paulo Furtado and Nelson Carvalho 
Mastered by Noel Summerville - Trnasfermation Studios - London 
Produced by Paulo Furtado and Nelson Carvalho 
Mixed by Nelson Carvalho and Paulo Furtado 
Recorded by João Maia, Mário Barreiros, Nelson Carvalho and Ricardo Fonseca 
Mastered by Emily Lazar - The Lodge
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