Drown In Darkness - The Early Demos

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Referência: AMR_XIII_MMXIX
Official Record Store Day 2019 edition
Limited to 500 copies worldwide
2LP Gatefold, Smoke Grey / Black
'Drown in Darkness – The Early Demos' is a compilation album featuring the music of PARADISE LOST from their demos made between 1988 and '89. This finest selection of tracks is featuring rare and never-published-before demo versions from the band's 1988- 'Paradise Lost' album to the 'Frozen Illusion'-era, alongside exciting live versions from their memorable show in Liverpool, 1989.
Says Fernando Ribeiro, Alma Mater CEO: “I believe this  release to be real Doom service, brought to your cell!!! This was how Underground sounded back in the day, when shores were covered in thick fog and you could barely notice the tower of an ancient cathedral. Drown in Darkness + Frozen Illusion were two of the very first tapes I owned and pretty much my introduction to Underground. I will never cease to be impressed by the volume of anguish invoked by the cavernous reverb of everything and the lyrical and gutural delivery of Nick Holmes. It’s a solemn ocasion this one and hope you guys enjoy our Underground Majesty collection, out little musical map to the greatest Underground Metal ever produced.”

Tracklist, 2LP
Paradise Lost (1988)
A1 Drown In Darkness 
A2 Internal Torment 
A3 Morbid Existence 
Frozen Illusion (1989)
B4 Paradise Lost 
B5 Internal Torment 
B6 Frozen Illusion 
Live In Liverpool (1989)
C7 Internal Torment 
C8 Our Saviour 
C9 Plains Of Desolation 
D10 Drown In Darkness 
D11 Paradise Lost 
D12 Nuclear Abomination
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