Opium (Solid White)

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Referência: AMR_II_XXVI
"Opium" is the very first edition of Alma Mater Records, a new record label founded by Moonspell. 
- Limited edition of 500 copies: 250 Solid White + 250 Mustard Yellow
- LP10" 45RPM
- Gatefold LP with astonishing artwork created by João Diogo (Alma Mater designer)
- Mastered for Vinyl by Patrick W. Engel, 2016
LP, Tracklist
1. Opium (Radio Edit)
2. Ravens Claws
1. Ruin & Misery
2. Opium (Album Version)
Some linner notes from Fernando Ribeiro, also included in the artwork:
"Opium" is our most famous song. It crossed boundaries, penetrated eardrums, it was played live, in discos, it even shows up on some karaoke lists. It has been played electric, acoustic, in small clubs, in big festivals, in car systems, at fairs. In Singapore, in Brazil, in Iraq, in the US,in Siberia, in Germany. Oh yes, in Germany. We never thought we would have a song which, in a way, be bigger than what we really are. It’s a feeling that is not strange. Instead, it’s gratitude. For the energies unleashed since the very first time we played it together at our really small and sweaty rehearsal space, to the last time we performed in a popular party in Portugal. That Opium vibe. That special drumming. That midi guitar pulse, marking. That guitar line. That line: desire or will?. We are proud to release this via Alma Mater Records for the first time ever on vinyl. Century Media granted us that wish as, I’d say, a symbol of the great times we had together and how we grew up together. Twenty years ago the world was different. But some feelings are left untouched. So go back twenty years in the five minutes or so you took to unwrap the package, to look down at it, explore it with your hands, nose, feel it. Put it down on the player. sit down. Maybe take a pic to share with the friends. Maybe not. And while the music starts, a victorious feeling sets in: we both have endured the hard test of time.” Fernando Ribeiro / Moonspell, July´2016
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