”It’s a long time since there has been anything so refreshing in the Portuguese music scene, so that this is cause for celebration. Gazela, the first album by Capitão Fausto, will set the house on fire, but nobody will stop dancing, and when you run out of steam there will still be time to embark on a psychedelic space journey of progressive pop, before you enjoy a well-earned rest,” wrote Pedro Moreira Dias, in Radar.
Capitão Fausto have played all around the country, at festivals such as Super Bock Super Rock, Vodafone Mexefest, EDP Paredes de Coura and Optimus Alive, spreading the magic of their psychedelic music. The explosion of colours is taken to another level on their second album, which they will be presenting here, a magnificent and breathtaking album that demonstrates an unusual maturity for people who still have so much time to give to music.
You simply cannot avoid celebrating this band and this new album.
Line Up
Domingos Coimbra - bass
Francisco Ferreira  - keyboards
Manuel Palha  - guitar
Salvador Seabra - drums
Tomás Wallenstein - guitar and vocals
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