" Soul never goes old. A new and sexy voice that goes full swing. "
Stop. Look. Listen. That’s the motto of Marta Ren’s debut album. And you really should. Marta is not a newcomer. Marta is an old soul, trapped inside a young body, full of energy, raw power and plenty of XX chromosomes. She often says that she would love to have lived in the 60s and 70s. But we can listen to old stories with her DNA.
Stop. Marta has been around for quite some years now. She started as a teenager in a band called Sloppy Joe, and never stopped since. She grew up watching her father playing guitar in a rock ‘n’ roll cover band. It all made sense when she met New Max, a young Portuguese producer, and they started working on her solo project. Look. It started in 2013 with ‘2 Kinds of Men’. She went to an old studio, full of analogue equipment and a bunch of musicians. She wanted a raw, dirty and heavy sound. And she got it
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