Mindlock was born in April of 1997 due to the need of four crazy young guys (influenced basically on a Hard-core and Heavy-Metal Lifestyle) to create some kickass songs in their Home Town - Faro , in the southest region of Portugal , The Algarve . 
After a couple of heavy sweating gigs and some prize winning shows at national bands contests , Mindlock released their first and much acclaimed Ep ''Manifesto'' with excellent reviews by the general press , creating a big national buzz around the band in 2000 . 
Touring followed in the next two years, playing almost everywhere in Portugal (including opening acts for bands like: Slipknot, Dimmu borgir, moonspell, One Minute Silence, Behemoth, Linea 77 etc etc...). 
By the end of 2002, Mindlock went back to the studio to record the first full length album ''Ego Trip'' which was released in 2003 again with excellent reviews (being considered by the Portuguese Metal Press as one of the best albums of that year) and expanding even more their fan base all over Portugal. More touring followed up to promote the album and to make new metal friends everywhere playing mostly in Metal Festivals and some clubs. 
In 2005 the band took a little break concentrating on some new songs and playing some more shows in 2007 .
Line up
Francisco Aragão - guitar
Carlos Vilhena - vocals
Miguel Santos - bass
Amadis - drums
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