If “In Conformity Lies The Happy One” still revealed some vestiges of the nu-metal sonority which had a fundamental role in the musical formation of the elements that make ONE HUNDRED STEPS, “You’re A Lovely Victim Of Emotional Chaos” finally showed a significantly more original and well defined approach.  Songs like “Jesus, Where’s The Rest Of Her” and “Coma” mix – in an intelligent way – energetical rock, melodic punk, metal, hardcore and an incredible pop sensibility. The most curious in terms of evolution is the next step took… “Your Veins”, “Based On A True Story” and “Falls Into Nothing” – three tracks recorded in late 2005 – which solidify all the potential of the previous release, rising to a superior level of intensity and dynamics the sound elements of the group. The toughness of guitar riffs contrasts with the most sweet melodic vocals, based in a rhythmic session incredibly harmonic and spiced by a sublime use of keyboards. In live performances the band explodes emotionally and contagiously, dripping energy and infecting the audience with the chemistry of the six musicians.  
In 2006 One Hundred Steps, returned  to Generator studios with Vegeta to record an additional 3 songs set ; “Laura Mars”, “June in Luna” and “It’s not a drama… its routine” have seen life.  Due to the surprising quality of six song recorded, the band then decided to wrap them all into a MCD ‘titled “The Eyes of Laura Mars”. This CD-EP will be reach the market during the month of  February 2007.
Already in 2008, One Hundred Steps returns, for the third time now, to Generator studios, to record their debut full length “Human Clouds”.
Production wise, the album was, once again, in the hands of the infamous Vegeta (with the help of the band) while the mix and mastering toke place at Ricardo Espinha studios. Ricardo is well known by his work with bands such as Icon and the Black Roses, More Than A Thousand, Hills Have Eyes and Blacksunrise.
“Human Clouds” features 12 new tracks, that shows the growth of One Hundred Steps booth as  musicians and individuals. Darker and more aggressive than their previous works, this album is at the same time, a very melodic and emotional journey, qualities that over the years characterised One Hundred Steps.
Among other trademarks of this debut album, there’s a set of vocals that articulates between visceral and melodic tones, backed up by a perfect dynamic and marriage between Paulino’s and guitarist Gonçalo’s voice. Their guitar work as never been so fluid but at the same time intricate, making these 35+ minutes recording, enjoyable at every step !

Line up
- Paulino
- Gonçalo Tomás
- Kasin
- Danny
- Bruno
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