It´s not easy to clasify Soziedad Alkoholika into a single music style. Thrash, Hard Core, Metal, Punk... the fact is that their basic foundations always have been power and speed, showing a variety of influences in their compositions, marked by their own style. Their lyrics, have always followed the same path. Explicit and corrosive lyrics, full of social commitment and direct denunciation have been one of their main characteristic.
From their beginnings as a band, they have surprised everyone who listened to them. They took the music scene by storm with their first demo "Intoxikazion Etilika" in which they combined an unusual strength and speed until then. But It was in 1991 when they released their first LP "Soziedad Alkoholika", surprising the specialized critic and attracting lots of followers of other music styles. Their first official work broke
the barriers between different kinds of music styles as Punk or Metal, which meant a change in the music scene. Shortly they became a reference for many bands in and out of the Spain. Right away, their first LP became a classic of crossover.
In a few years after playing many concerts and releasing two EPs and the second LP, in 1995 they created their own label “Mil A Gritos”, label with which they record a great part of their albums and other artists. In 2008 they signed with the international label Roadrunner Records and they release "Mala Sangre" (chosen best album of 2008 by Rockzone) and "Sesion#2". 
"Cadenas De Odio" is their new album with which they are going on tour around the Spain and some countries in South America. 
From their beginnings Soziedad Alkoholika has not stopped playing all over Spain, America, Europe, Japan, etc. With 10 LP and more than 400.000 albums sold in Spain, is one of the most renowned independent band and the one that draws the largest public to their shows. Their solid formation almost has not changed from their beginnings, maintaining intact the original essence in the recording and overpowering live concerts.
Soziedad Alkoholika, strenght and attitude.
Line up
Jimmy - guitar
Iñigo - guitar
Pirulo - bass
Roberto - drums
Juan - vocals
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