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One of the great names of Portuguese music - on its way to its 3 decades of existence - is back in 2021 with an EP with 4 themes, which opens the book of what will be the future of Bizarra Locomotiva.
Fenótipvs aims to bridge the gap with the new album of originals, to mitigate the long wait of Locomotiva fans for the heir of “Mortuário”, while it is not possible to return to the stage in force without pandemic restrictions.
The band had several ideas that were already functional and decided to mold them into the concept of this work.
Veia Do Abandono - is the lifting of the veil to the next job in the incandescent forge of the bizarro bunker. And in agreement in the bosom, most probably the best soundtrack made by Locomotiva until the present date.
Dança Da Morte - The experience with Maestro Jorge Salgueiro and Grupo De Teatro - O Bando - in the play “Adoecer”, was extremely enriching for Locomotiva, being pertinent to make it known to those who did not have the opportunity to see the play at alive.
Paixão - Version of the original iconic of the Heróis do Mar that was part of the Portuguese Rock boom of the 80s, in which electronic music productions began to thrive in the national ether and vinyl and pierced our eardrums with the first analogue synth oscillators that stimulated our imagination.

O Hábito Faz O Monstro - The version of this Radio Macau original, besides being a project cherished by the band, is also linked to the times when Rui Sidónio had a band with Alex from Rádio Macau and reflects the experiences and friendships of our teens when Rock paths were still in the cradle and the wielded guitars were starting to scream revolution.

- CD Digipack com booklet
- LP Black w/4pp booklet - standard version
- LP Gold w/4pp booklet - limited to 150 copies

Tracklist CD | LP
01. Veia do Abandono
02. Dança da Morte
03. Paixão (Heróis do Mar)
04. O Hábito faz o Monstro (Rádio Macau)
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