Lisbon Blues

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"Lisbon Blues" is the 4th album of FOR THE GLORY, recorded and mastered in July 2013 by Jacob Bredahl (ex-Hatesphere). 
Artwork by Ricardo "Congas" Dias and Samuel Lucas.
Lisbon is one the most beautiful cities in the world! More than a statement, it is something that the Portuguese can boast: they live in beautiful city, full of history and unusual beauty. In crisis or not, the Portuguese are a tough, not bend in the face of adversity. Have hope for a better future. Are nostalgic - perhaps too much. And nostalgia does not necessarily mean FADO, heritage of humanity. Lisbon has more than delighted cards in stores that sell to tourists. Has the rebellion of a new generation of kids who are in music a lifeline, a hope in this world full of uncertainty. Lisbon has an active movement Hardcore-Punk, much more than a musical genre.  FOR THE GLORY sign on "Lisbon Blues" a manifesto of what it means to live in a country in crisis but not overridden by the new imperialist world order. Written in the streets of Lisbon, with heart and soul. With lyrics that speaks about dreams and betrayal, despair and belief in a better future. Lisbon, as the Portuguese, live in this bipolar dichotomy. "Lisbon Blues" is a violent manifesto of survival, rebellion and independence. A real initiation guide to subversion ready to be used.
1) Intro
2) No Color
3) The Key
4) Lisbon Blues
5) Life is a Carousel
6) 110
7) Darktimes
8) Restless Souls
9) Old Wounds
10) D.W.F.
11) Never See me Fail
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