Sean Riley & The Slowriders

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Item #: Rastilho144
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LP12" housed in Gatefold cover

Sean Riley & The Slowriders are back with a new studio album.
They embarked on this journey for what they felt to make music together and have released three albums in less than 4 years. They stepped almost every stage there is to step from north to south of the country, internationally edited and presented their countless times out of doors music.
After the tour promoting the last record, fate decreed that all the band members were dedicated to other projects.

Until they decided to reunite, again. Then the phone rings and begin to emerge erratically, some writing sessions in long fellowship weekends was a second.
What would be the next band's body of work was fixed at half a dozen of these sessions. Fast, intuitive and above all free from any preconceived idea. It was necessary to be this way, it was the music once more to speak louder, so that everything made sense. Explore and follow the instinct to pace the Beat / Buddhist statement: "First thought, best thought".
The fourth album, and the first of a new cycle - closed the trilogy "Farewell", "Only Time Will Tell" and It's Been a Long Night" - born this need to communicate notes and feelings the way Sean Riley & The Slowriders do. It is a plunge into the unknown, with his feet firmly on solid ground.
In a way, this is the most direct drive from the point of view of creation, a tribute to the spirit booster of the first recordings. On the other hand, never any previous Sean Riley & The Slowriders album was so conceptual, following new paths without ever losing sight of the essence of the band.
And if three years are considerable sabbatical, the notion of time is always based on a subjective perspective. And this is a band that never belonged to a time. Neither his nor any other.

LP12" Vinil, Tracklist
A1. Intro: Flying Back
A2. Dili
A3. Dark Rooms
A4. Swimming Pool Blue
A5. Wherever You Go
B6. Gipsy Eyes
B7. Greetings
B8. Pearly Gates
B9. Today Forever
B10. Outro: S-Bahn
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