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Band: CACIQUE 97
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10th Anniversay: 2009-2019!
Debut album from Cacique 97
First time on Vinyl.

Limited Edition LP12" + Digital
300 copies
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debuted on a self titled album in 2009, becoming one of the first Lusophone bands to recreate the Afrobeat style, popularized by seminal artists such as Fela Kuti, Tony Allen and others.
Embraced immediately by music critics, Cacique´97's first album was on several best albums of the year, achieving a positive note in the most varied Portuguese and foreign media. The mix of the Nigerian Afrobeat with the most varied Afro-Lusophone influences was a breath of fresh air in the Lisbon music circuit, now very used to African trends.
This group could not have arisen anywhere other than in Lisbon, a city that welcomes several people from various parts of the world and one of the European references of African music and culture. Bringing together members of Cool Hipnoise, Philharmonic Weed and The Most Wanted, this true orchestra of 12 seasoned musicians paved the way for Lisbon to become the most African city in Europe. Songs like “Eu Quero Tudo”, “Comes From Nigeria” or “Mr. Diplomat ”are already part of the soundtrack of the city.
Afrobeat No Go Die!

1. Jorge de Capadocia
2. Eu Quero Tudo
3. Mifolo
4. Get No Stronger
5. Come From Nigeria
6. 13
7. Dragão
8. Kodé
9. Sr. Diplomata (Exclusive Digital track)

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