We used to be Africans

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Band: CACIQUE 97
We Used To Be Africans
The Cacique'97 are back with a new album!
"We Used To Be Africans" is the debut single that gives its name to the album; the second album of Cacique 97 claims the afrobeat
as his intervention vehicle.
We used to be Africans is the manifesto of the search for a cultural identity without borders, with a view of the present, It aims to be a testimony for future generations.
In the second studio work, the band uses energy income African funk and african-Lusophone grooves, accompanied by intervention letters that are World pictures in the XXI century and Contemporary Africa.
Released on CD and VINYL, "We used to be africans" has special guests: Nneka, Jorge Du Peixe, Azagaia and Nástio Mosquito.
CD, Tracklist
1. Mahala ft Azagaia 
2. We Used To Be Africans 
3. Black Gold 04:07
4. Big Business ft Nneka 
5. Abouye
6. American Cop ft Nastio Mosquito
7. Filhos da Primavera ft Jorge Du Peixe
8. Epidemia 
9. Wasabi
10. Sal
11. Chapa 97
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